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Sight-seeing, hallock mn

There is much to see in Hallock and the surrounding area. The Gateway motel is home to a quirky museum. Are you interested in the outdoors? Check out the wildlife management areas, Wilebski Evergreen Acres, Lake Bronson State Park, wildlife viewing platforms (see map for locations), or take a pontoon ride on the river. Go outside at night to gaze at the dark sky. Constellations and the Northern Lights are abundant and easy to view here. Interested in history? Drive over to Lake Bronson to check out the Kittson County History Museum or up to Pembina to the Pembina Museum. you won’t be disappointed! Shopping at our local businesses and visiting Far North Spirits, Revelation Ale, or the Last Chance Trading Post are also a must!

Gateway Motel & Museum

On the south end of Hallock, The Gateway Motel & Museum is home to assorted treasures like signed autographs from some of baseball’s most famous players, Fidel Castro and Frank Sinatra as well as license plates from 49 states.

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