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housing and housing rehab

We are looking for 100 new neighbors in 10 years! Move to Hallock to make your dreams come true!

Housing and Housing Rehab:

  • Incentives available on the purchase of residential lots in the SE Light Industrial District. Infrastructure is already in place.
  • The city has funds available to help with renovations and repairs.
  • The Kittson County HRA Loan Pool has matching funds up to $5000 available to help with renovations or repairs. For more information from their website or email  
  • Kittson County HRA Down payment Assistance Program

Please contact the City Administrator at 218-843-2737 for information and availability on these programs and other options.


Are you looking for a place to rent in Hallock? There are apartments and houses available. Visit the Kittson County Enterprise classified ads to learn more. Maybe you’d like to rent a retail space? Contact the city or Hallock Main Street or visit the Kittson County Enterprise to learn more.

Rentals in hallock